" I have been treated for skin cancer for over 20 years, and have had several other Dermatologists before I met Dr. Hoffmann. I have been treated by Dr. Hoffmann for the last 10 years. I have found him to be very professional and concerned about his patients. He does not biopsy anything unless he feels it is necessary. I have been to other Dermatologists that wanted to biopsy every spot. Unless he has an unusual and unforeseen emergency in his office, he sees me at the scheduled time, and I don't have to wait very long for my appointments. I have chatted with a lot of other people in his office. Like me, they have been to other Dermatologists, and are now seeing Dr. Hoffmann. They are very pleased with their treatments from Dr. Hoffmann. Many of them drive over 100 miles to his office even though there are other Dermatologists that are a lot closer to where they live."   JC

"Dr. Hoffmann was highly recommended to me by all my friends in my community. I am so thankful that I found him because he doesn't advertise. I feel like I have won the lottery when I find a doctor like him. He is golden!"   JS

"My wife and I have seen many doctors over the years. We have not had any other doctor who compares with Dr. Hoffmann. He has that rare combination of surgical and medical skill combined with a compassionate bedside manner. He truly genuinely cares for the well-being of his pateints. You can really feel this in your heart. I just felt like I needed to express this. We are so glad that we found him."  AG

"My husband and I have been coming to Dr. Hoffmann since 1997. We have recommended many people. He is the best and takes excellent care of his patients and employees. He's a very kind and compassionate doctor."    JF & KF

"I would highly recommend Dr. Thomas Hoffmann to my family and friends. He has outstanding communication skills with his patients. The entire staff is very accomodating to the patient's needs. Dr. Hoffmann and staff are like making new friends."   PT

"Dr. Hoffmann has been our Dermatologist for several years. He is so great as a doctor and as a person. The staff is great too!"    anonymous

"Dr. Hoffmann is not only a wonderful Dermatologist...I feel like he has become a friend. I am very thankful for his expertise that has kept my potential skin cancer at bay."   SA

"My God I know is great, but every so often He brings along a person who is a master chef. This master chef has his God given abilities and his acquired knowledge. He also hires a terrific staff. God then uses the master chef and his staff to mix everything up and restore good health to people. Thank you and your wonderful staff for being my master chef this year and for my greatly improved health."    HM

"Dr. Hoffmann is a really good surgeon. I can't even see my scar. My family and friends say they can't even tell where he did the surgery. I recommend him to everybody."   MM

"When Dr. Hoffmann explained stuff to me and my family, it was really easy to understand. He draws pictures and explains eveything in regular language without talking down to us. I guess that's why he was such a good teacher at Loma Linda Hospital."     GP

"I had been to many excellent doctors for what turned out to be a very rare medical condition. None of these doctors could figure out what was wrong with me. I saw Dr. Hoffmann, and he told me right away what I had. He did a biopsy and the result proved that he was right! I got the right treatment and I am doing great now - thanks to Dr. Hoffmann. My husband also had been to many expert doctors for a weakness in his voice. No one could figure out what was wrong with him. I brought my husband in to Dr. Hoffmann for an unrelated skin growth. Not only did he take care of the skin growth, but he suggested a diagnosis for his weak voice and referred him to a neurologist. The neurologist agreed with Dr. Hoffmann and was able to  treat him for his neurologic problem. Dr. Hoffmann diagnosed it, and he is not even a neurologist! I now bring my entire family to Dr. Hoffmann for their skin problems."   PA

"I visited Dr. Hoffmann for a routine exam which turned out to be life changing and life saving. During the exam, he observed an abnormal mole which, after biopsy, turned out to be a melanoma. Since Dr. Hoffmann detected this skin cancer at an early stage, we were able to have it completely removed. I am so grateful to Dr. Hoffmann for finding this cancer early and for the professional manner in which he handled the entire situation. I would definitely recommend Dr. Hoffmann to everyone and urge people to get a routine check up with him. It can be life saving."    RH

"Dr. Hoffmann is my doctor because he puts the welfare of his patients first."  VB

"I have been going to Advanced Dermatology for the last 25 years. Dr. Hoffmann and his staff are excellent! I would highly recommend them."  DM

"It's such a pleasure to go into Dr. Hoffmann's office. Not only do I have a specialist to care for my sun and age damaged skin, but I so enjoy seeing and feeling the comradery of his office staff that is so unique, unlike many other medical offices."   SK

"I am 54 years old with a lot of sun damage being born in Long Beach, CA and having worked construction in San Diego most of my life. I have been seeing different Dermatologists since I was 30 years old. I have been a patient of Dr. Hoffmann's for several years now, and I could not be more satisfied with the results. Dr. Hoffmann is the most experienced Dermatologist and has earned my complete trust. I hope that he doesn't retire early since GOOD, CARING doctors are hard to find!"  BK

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